About Scottsdale Loan Company

At Scottsdale Loan Company we will always give you the most money and cash for your valuable items. Bring your items in for an appraisal and walk out with quick cash, no credit check is necessary.

Unlike our competitors, we are able to offer you a choice to either sell your items or receive a loan.

We can either:

  • Buy your item outright and give you cash fast.
  • Loan you money using your valuable item as collateral and give you cash fast. GET YOUR ITEM BACK WITHOUT HAVING TO SELL IT!

We are Scottsdale’s premier diamond buyer and gold buyer. With over 30 years of experience in the gold and diamond trade, you can feel confident that you will get the most money for your valuables, should you choose to sell or receive a cash loan for your gold, diamonds, Rolex (and other watches), high end electronics, art, coins, antiques, and more. We also provide auto title loans on your vehicles so you can get a cash loan using your car title as collateral.

Scottsdale Loan Company is one of ten pawn shops that are owned and operated by a small, select group of staff to ensure that each of our customers is getting the personalized approach to pawning, buying, or selling your items.  Our auto title loans are also owned and operated through an associate company(operated by the same lovely bunch as the pawn shops) Phoenix Title Loans, LLC, to consistently provide the personalized experience you might expect.  None of our services are outsourced or serviced by any other organization, nor do we promote these.  All of our services listed in and on this website and our sister websites are completely conducted by ourselves, so you can trust that us as Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Chandler natives, have your best interests in heart and in mind.

How we work

If your need for money is only temporary and you believe you will able to repay the loan and retain possession of your item, it is ALWAYS better to use our LOAN services. We provide short term loans, giving you cash to suit your loan needs.

  • The loan is written, by law, for 3 months. If at any time during the 3 month loan duration you are able to repay the amount borrowed EARLY, it is possible. Just come in, pay off the loan plus the interest and walk off with your item.
  • If, at the end of the 3 months, you are unable to repay the loan amount in full, BUT you can pay only the interest, we will (by law) rewrite the loan for an addition 3 months. This can be repeated every 3 months for as long as you like. Hold onto your cash loan as long as you need, we will work out a payment plan, according to state lending guidelines, to suit your loan needs.
  • If you are unable, after 3 months, to pay neither the loan amount, nor the interest, the item will default and you will lose ownership. You will not be obliged to pay any additional monies nor will your credit be affected.

We recommend our loan services if your financial needs are temporary.