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Most of us use electronics on a regular basis, but eventually, these items just can’t keep up with the latest gear being produced. That’s why most people upgrade electronic items on a regular basis even when their older products are still working.

Letting electronic items just sit around doesn’t make a lot of sense though. Instead, you can sell used electronics for cash the same day you bring them in to Scottsdale Loan Company.

Electronics We Buy

At Scottsdale Loan Company, we know there are a huge number of electronic items out there that you likely paid a lot of money for originally. While some items don’t have much resale value after they’ve been used for a number of years, we do buy many electronics in our store.

Items we buy include:

  • LCD, flat-screen TVs, 4k TVs, 3D TVs
  • Stereo systems and high-end stereo components
  • Digital Camera – DSLR valued at $250 or higher
  • Smart phones – Newer Models Only
  • Computers, including Apple, Dell, Samsung and more

If you’re looking to sell used computers, used laptops or electronics accessories, make sure you bring cables and anything else that goes with your device to receive the maximum dollar amount.

The Loan Process

Getting an electronics loan is one of the easiest things that you’ll do this week!  It all starts when you hop in your car and come down to Scottsdale Loan Company with your electrical item.  Once you get here, our lovely associate will grab your item from you and take a look.  Normally, the first thing we’ll do is some online research to see what the current market for your item is.  After this, our associate will combine that price with metrics of the item such as its quality, the condition, and how old it is overall.  Should you choose to accept our price offer, we’ll draw up some quick documents, collect some signatures from you, and put cash directly in your hand!  It’s that easy.  Afterwards, your item will be stored in our secured, monitored storage facility until you come to pick it back up.

We Offer Loans

While we buy electronics and musical instruments at Scottsdale Loan Company, if you’re not ready to sell your item for good, we may be able to offer you a cash loan. Our loans have a 90-day repayment term and, at the end of 90 days, you can extend the loan for an additional 90 days if you need more time to repay.

Our loan rates are competitive with other companies in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Tempe areas. Scottsdale Loan Company can help you get the best cash value for used electronics and musical instruments.

Why Sell to Us?

At Scottsdale Loan Company, we know you have many choices when it comes to selling electronics and musical items. Selling to a private party isn’t always quick or convenient though.

We can help you sell your item or get a loan quickly, and our experts can help you determine the fair market value of anything you bring in, right on the spot.

Scottsdale Loan Company

Please contact Scottsdale Loan Company for more information on how you can sell your used electronics to us. From high-end stereo equipment to computers and more, we can offer you fast cash for items you no longer want or need.