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Alfonso Larriva, Owner of Scottsdale Loan Company, touches on a few reasons why we are different from your typical collateral lender or pawn shop here in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Loan Company Loans with the Best Rates in Arizona

Scottsdale Loan Company prides itself in 20+ years of experience in providing high value loans and collateral lending for the residence and business owners of Phoenix. At Scottsdale Loan, you will receive the most accurate appraisals on your gold, fine artjewelry, electronics, luxury watches, and more! Collectively, our knowledgeable staff has decades of experience in determining the value of precious metals, diamonds, designer brands and can be trusted to give you the best price.  Even if you’re just looking for an appraisal, come on by to our shop!  We live to serve Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe for keeping us open over the last decade, and will always do everything in our power to help our customers whether you’re looking for a collateral loan or not.

What makes our rate so good?  Our experience, for one, but also our up scale nature allows us to make more favorable loans for our customers.  Particularly when it comes to high value loans, we can offer extremely low interest rates that will rival any and other pawn shop in Scottsdale.  We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers, and this is just one of many ways we do this.

How Our Appraisal Process Works

First, if you would like to receive an online appraisal please fill out our online pawn application with as many details as possible for an accurate estimate. When you visit our store for a loan, bring in any boxes, certifications, or receipts that came with your item. Having these may increase the amount that we give you for your item and speed the authentication process. After evaluating your item for authenticity, we will give you an estimate on how much we are able to give. Once we have agreed on a price, we move onto processing the loan.  This includes a very simple, streamlined process.  The beautiful thing about a collateral loan is that it puts cash directly into your hand, no checks, no money orders, no silliness.  A collateral loan is the surefire way to get the fast cash that you need in a matter of minutes.

As far as how appraising individual items actually works, it can vary greatly depending on the type of item that it is.  When it concerns gold, silver, or jewelry, the process is pretty simple and is outlined on our Jewelry Loans page.  The process for all items is pretty simple.  The valuation starts with looking at the overall quality of the item, and then some light research online.  The research online gives us a beginning basis for the amount of your collateral loan, and then based on the quality of the actual item we will adjust that loan value accordingly.  Should you accept our cash offer, we’ll simply get a few signatures from you, give you your loan document, and then send you on your way with cash in hand.  The entire process can be as quick as five minutes, and typically is.


Where to Find Us

We are located in North Scottsdale on the corner of Raintree and the 101. You will want to park in the north parking lot of Scottsdale Professional Building for easy access to our shop. Refer to the map below for accurate directions.  If you arrive and can’t find us in the plaza, just give us a call!  The office is directly of the middle of the complex, but can be a bit confusing, so don’t get lost!


Address: 14301 N 87th St Suite 118, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone Number: (480) 948-2274


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