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As one of the biggest collectible buyers in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe and Phoenix areas, we at Scottsdale Loan Company know that trying to sell your collectible items presents unique challenges. Selling to private collectors might seem beneficial, but in some cases, it could take months to sell a single item, if it even sells at all.

From collectibles that are known to be valuable like Lalique crystal, to items that aren’t too well-known to the general public, Scottsdale Loan Company can help you get cash on the spot in most cases.

Collectibles We Buy

For the most part, we buy anything of value that’s considered a collectible item. Some of the most common items we buy include:

  • Antique toys
  • Collectible new toys
  • Decorative collector plates
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Autographs

Along with the many collectible items that we buy, we also purchase new and antique jewelry, diamonds, loose diamonds and gold, silver and platinum. We even buy bullion and coins at fair market prices.  We’ve dabbled in just about every sort of collectibles there are due to our numerous years of experience.  If you have a collectible that perhaps you’re having trouble selling, or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of selling, come and pay us a visit.  Whether we’re here to assist you in selling your collectible, or we’re your collectible buyer, we’re happy to assist citizens in Scottsdale, Tempe, and Phoenix any day of the week.

Free Appraisals on Collectibles

Collectible items like vintage Rolex watches are easy to identify. Some items though, like collectible toys and sports memorabilia, are considerably harder to place a value on.

That’s why we offer free appraisals to all of our customers at Scottsdale Loan Company. When you bring your collectibles to us, our experts can quickly evaluate your items and even help you identify when they were produced and what significance they have.  Also due to our decade long experience, we’ve built relationships with local businesses that can also help appraise items.  Due to the vast quantity of items we loan on, some collectibles might fall through the cracks, so we partner up with other businesses to ensure you’re always getting a full and fair appraisal.

From there, our experts will help you determine a value for your collectible items. Whether you sell to us or not, we can help you learn more about your collectible items through our antique appraisal services.

Why Scottsdale Loan Company?

While many companies buy collectible items, finding a local collectible buyer that will pay what your items are worth isn’t always easy. At Scottsdale Loan Company, our reputation in the community will tell you that we have many satisfied customers after 30+ years in business.  We’re a devoted resident of the city of Scottsdale and are in this line of business to help our customers, not hurt them.  You can always rest assured that no matter what you are getting the best loan terms, and the fairest, highest monetary value for your items.

Whether you’re looking for some fast cash for one or two collectibles or antique pieces, or you’re trying to sell a collection that took a lifetime to assemble, we can help you get the money your collectibles are worth.

Scottsdale Loan Company

Please contact Scottsdale Loan Company to learn more about selling us your collectible items. From sports memorabilia, to autographs to general antique collectibles, Scottsdale Loan Company can help you get quick cash for your valuable items.