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Estate jewelry, whether you’ve inherited it from a family member who has passed away or you’ve simply collected many pieces over the years, can often be quite valuable. While age doesn’t necessarily equal value, items that were well-made or of high-quality when they were new have likely retained considerable value in today’s market.

Trying to find an estate jewelry buyer isn’t always easy though. Selling items piece by piece through sites like eBay, or locating specific stores to buy your individual pieces can be very difficult. Getting a fair price for older items that can be hard to identify is almost impossible.

That’s where Scottsdale Loan Company can help. We’re one of the largest buyers of estate jewelry in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe and Phoenix areas, and no matter what you have, we can work with it.

What Types of Jewelry Do We Buy?

At Scottsdale Loan Company, we buy almost all types of jewelry that have value. That means we take everything from watches to rings and more. We can even offer cash for loose diamonds.  We literally don’t care if it’s gold, silver, platinum, or diamond jewelry!  All estate jewelry, no matter the condition, is as good as cash here at our store and we will buy them from you!  You’re welcome to call and ask, but we can almost guarantee that we’d be happy to buy your estate jewelry!

While we certainly accept name brands like Rolex and Cartier, estate pieces don’t always carry such well-known names. Bring your items in and we can help you evaluate them and determine who made them, as well as their value.

If you’re a little curious about how we value some of these items, you can attempt to figure it out for yourself by using a manufacturer’s stamp.  This stamp is found in different places on estate jewelry, sometimes on the inside of a ring, sometimes under the latch on an earring, or sometimes under the latch on a necklace.  What this stamp indicates is the karat of the jewelry, otherwise known as its purity.  These can range anywhere from 10 to 24 karat most often being between 10 and 18.  The higher the karat, the higher the purity, and the more that we’ll be able to pay you as your estate jewelry buyer!

Whether you want to sell your diamonds or get cash for a whole estate’s worth of jewelry, Scottsdale Loan Company is an experienced buyer that can quickly offer you cash for items of value.

What about Loans?

As a buyer of jewelry from small and large estates, we pay fair market prices for items that we purchase. However, we can also extend collateral loans, sometimes referred to as pawn loans, on estate jewelry pieces as well.  A collateral loan is a great way to hold onto your estate jewelry without having to sell it.  Regardless of your financial situation, estate jewelry can sometimes hold special meaning to us, maybe having been passed down through the family or something of the sort, so we understand not wanting to sell it.  An estate jewelry loan might be a better option than letting us be your estate jewelry buyer.

The typical loan amount we can offer is less than what we would pay to purchase a piece, but you will still own the item. The money loaned to you is due to be repaid in 90 days, though a 90-day extension can be added to your loan contract, if desired.

If you need short-term cash for a piece of jewelry, a loan is often an ideal option that allows you to retain ownership of precious possessions and get the cash you need now.

I Have Bad Credit

We can offer bad credit loans because we don’t actually check your credit. Collateral loans mean an item of value, like your estate jewelry, is all you’ll need to present to us for a loan.

Scottsdale Loan Company

Contact Scottsdale Loan Company online or call (480) 948-2274 to learn more about selling your estate jewelry. Whether you have diamond rings, gold jewelry, watches or anything else from an estate, there’s an excellent chance we can help you turn them into cash quickly. Scottsdale Loan Company also buys and sells gold, silver, platinum, rare coins and more.