Notary Public Service in Scottsdale - Scottsdale Loan Company

As a business, we understand the necessity of notary public services. The need for documents to become officiated via notarization is paramount. In fact, most state government related and local official dealings require notarized paperwork in order to proceed. That’s where Scottsdale Loan Company comes into the picture. We wish to proudly announce our store will also serve as a Notary Public Service in Scottsdale and the surrounding cities.

Our Convenience as a Notary Public Service in Scottsdale

Per our core Philosophy, we take the opportunity to offer this service to our customers in need of notary work. It is simply a matter of reaching our store, with which we have a directory to use in such instances. If you still require assistance in reaching our store, we are happy to oblige in both our Contact Page and our direct line: (480) 948-2274. This convenience also serves to ease costs in regards to travel arrangements. Now you have a general location that is easy to reach, via the AZ-101 or Northsight Blvd. They can also reference the Scottsdale Airport as we are approximately four miles east of the area. This simplifies the need to find a notary that may or may not be available.

You Have Our Confidentiality

As a Notary Public Service in Scottsdale, we wish to ensure the privacy of your paperwork and will maintain confidentiality in accordance with the statutes set by the State of Arizona and the National Notary Association. We will only disclose as is required by state and federal law. Outside of this mandate, your confidentiality is safe with us. It would not do well for us to disregard the customers’ interests.

We Offer Certainty With Our Pricing

Another concern customer may have is that of our pricing structure for such service. We will alleviate this issue now; our pricing is the following:

  1. $5.00 for the first notary signing of a document.
  2. $2.00 for each additional document that follows.

This upfront approach to pricing allows customers to have confidence in what they are paying for. We also like to encourage that you can have this fee covered (in a sense) by setting up a pawn loan or title loan. That way, you don’t pay much out of pocket and the money from the loan covers the expenses instead.

We Are a Class Above Our Peers

Naturally, we state ourselves as a professional business. But we are confident in stating our stance as a class above our peers. First and foremost, our successful business practices have kept us operational for over ten years. This alone has made us accomplished through our experiences earned. The next point of interest is that continue to provide quality products along with our pawn loans. Along with our partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, LLC, we also extend our services to title loans. Finally, with the addition of notary public services, we wish to further extend our professional prowess. That forward thinking is why we are a class above our peers and with our customers’ support, we’ll continue remaining above the rest.