Silver Bullion, Silver Coins and Silver Bars are all items Scottsdale Loan Company buys and lends against.

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Silver is always a wise investment, and while it may play second fiddle to gold, it’s a sound choice nonetheless. At Scottsdale Loan Company, we also know – as a silver bullion buyer – that trying to sell precious metals for cash isn’t always quite easy.

Selling to private parties is difficult, and finding a buyer who is reputable in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, or Tempe area can be difficult if you want the best prices for your silver bullion. That’s where Scottsdale Loan Company comes in.

Whether you’re looking to sell a very small quantity of silver bullion, or you’ve got a large collection that you’ve amassed over the years, we can help you out. We also offer top dollar for precious metals, silver coins and bars and silver ingots.

Silver We Buy

At Scottsdale Loan Company, we buy a huge variety of silver bullion including most minted stamped bars from Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, Pan American, Sunshine, Pamp Suisse and more. When you bring these items to us, we can purchase them on the spot, giving you cash in just a few minutes.  This is by no means an exclusive list, however!  While sometimes silver bullion can be branded, most silver is not and that’s totally okay.  It’s important to understand that where the true value of silver bullion lies is in the actual content of the precious metals within.  Even with branded silver bullion, the price doesn’t increase, the amount we pay in cash is solely dependent on this silver content inside and that’s the one and only way we will evaluate your items.  If it’s silver you have, you can rest assured that we’ll be your silver buyer in Scottsdale, Tempe, or Phoenix.

We also buy other silver items including:

Silver Numismatic Coins

  • 1-ounce silver rounds
  • Canadian silver Maple Leaf coins
  • Australian silver bullion coins
  • US silver American Eagle coins
  • US silver Buffalo Coins
  • 90% silver bags

In addition to silver numismatic coins, we can also buy silver Peace dollars and Silver Morgan dollars, as well as a wide variety of other coins. From $1,000 silver bags to $10 face value lots, we purchase silver every single day and work with sellers, buyers and collectors of all different types.

We Offer Free Appraisals

Silver bullion and coins are usually easy to identify, even if you aren’t a collector. There are times, however, when you might not be sure if an item that you have is made of real silver or not.

When that happens, don’t hesitate to bring your items to Scottsdale Loan Company. Our experts can evaluate your items quickly and give you cash on the spot for anything that turns out to be valuable.

Come in today and you could walk out with cash for items that you just have sitting around your house.

Scottsdale Loan Company

You can contact Scottsdale Loan Company to learn more about how you can sell your silver to us. We’re interested in your pieces whether they’re common or rare, and we can buy anything from $1 to $10,000. Why go anywhere else when our reputation as a silver buyer in the area is second to none?