Rolex Watch Loans Scottsdale, Arizona

rolex watch loans scottsdale az

Scottsdale Loan Company is the Valley’s #1 location for Rolex watch loans. Proudly claiming over 30 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise you need to take out pawn loans, bad credit loans—even luxury watch loans.

How to Get a Rolex Loan

Pawning your Rolex watch has never been easier at Scottsdale Loan Company. Simply bring in your old, new, or broken watch and we’ll make an offer.  Rolex Watch Loans are truly our specialty due to the vast experience we’ve had with them.  Having been the top Rolex buyer, and Rolex seller, that Scottsdale has come to know, we’ve extended our specialty to Rolex Watch Loans in order to better serve our customers.  This allows us to make flexible loans, including large loan-to-value ratios(the amount of cash loaned versus the actual value of the item itself), and loans with lower than market interest rates.  Below are some specifics on how a Rolex Watch Loan can work for you, and if you’d like more help evaluation your options, feel free to stop on down any day of the week and we’d be happy to assist.

Loan terms are as follows:

  • All loans are written for a period of three months with no penalties for early payoff (balance plus interest)
  • If you are unable to pay the loan balance but are able to pay interest, we will rewrite the loan for another three months (this process may be repeated indefinitely)
  • If you are unable to pay the loan balance or interest, your loan will default and we will assume ownership of your watch (your credit score is unaffected)

We take ALL different Rolex models:

  • Rolex Submariner
  • Rolex Presidential
  • Rolex Daytona
  • Rolex Cellini
  • Rolex Air-King
  • Rolex Cellinium
  • Rolex Cestello
  • Rolex Datejust
  • Rolex Explorer
  • Rolex GMT-Master
  • Rolex Milgauss
  • Rolex Oysterquartz
  • Rolex Quartz
  • Rolex Sea-Dweller
  • Rolex Yacht-Master

We take:

  • Brand New Rolex Watches
  • Used Rolex Watches
  • Vintage Rolex Watches
  • Broken Rolex Watches

Used Rolex Watch Pricing

The value of your Rolex watch is dependent upon a number of factors such as manufacturer, model, age, condition, purchase price, metal, and diamond attributes such as cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

To expedite your sale or collateral loan, please bring in the original sales receipt, packaging, appraisal, and any other documentation you have.

Maximizing Rolex Watch Loan Value

Rolex watches are one of the most counterfeited items in the entire world.  Some fakes even have real gold or platinum bands, yet the internals are fake and typically from China.  While all of our associates are trained in how to spot and identify a fake Rolex, the process can be long and dreary, and sometimes inconclusive.  If you’re looking to get the most amount of cash for your Rolex Loan, then the best thing you can do is bring back each and every item associated with the watch that you have.  This includes things such as the original box, the original paperwork, the extra watch links, and even the receipt.  These things help us realize the authenticity of the Rolex watch and allow us to loan you far more money than if you didn’t have these items.

Scottsdale Loan Company

Pay us a visit and we’ll help you secure a loan for your timepiece. Scottsdale Loan company pays cash for fine watches and offers bad credit loans when you need them most. Call 480-948-2274 or chat with us online. It won’t take long to see why we’re #1 for luxury watch loans in all of Phoenix, Tempe, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale.