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I want to sell gold, how does it work?

It is an easy process that allows you to turn your gold into cash. You simply bring us your gold and you will receive cash within a matter of minutes. It’s that simple. You want to sell, we want to buy. When you bring the gold in, we test it for purity, weigh it, and then pay you cash based on the weight. Getting cash when you buy or sell gold at our Scottsdale office couldn’t be easier.

Why get should I sell my gold in Scottsdale?

With gold prices continually rising, it’s a smart decision to sell your gold. Say you have a gold ring or even a gold tooth and you need cash, “Sell Your Gold”. If you have a broken necklace that is tired or out of date, “Sell Your Gold”. We are determined to pay you the most for your gold so you never go anywhere else other than Scottsdale Loan Company. Scottsdale Loan Company is different than other gold buyers with the fact that you will receive a higher price for your gold in Scottsdale because people in Scottsdale have more gold to sell. We are able to buy more gold, therefore, we can pay more. Sell what you need, when you need to sell it without any credit checks or background checks!

What type of gold can I sell?

Here at Scottsdale Loan Company, we do not limit ourselves to what type of gold we buy. We will buy everything including gold coins, gold rings, gold watches (working or not), broken or damaged gold jewelry, estate jewelry, dental gold, gold figurines, gold charms, and gold earrings. Basically, we will pay cash for any type of gold without regard for condition.

What is a fair deal when selling gold?

The easiest way to get a fair amount for your gold is to bring in the gold and see how much people are willing to buy it for. Weight is the most important factor in determining the value of gold. However, there are factors to take into account such as the condition and the purity of the gold.  Sounds simple right? Be careful, there are ways that stores cheat on this by classifying 14K gold at 10K (generally most items are stamped — if it is stamped 14K, then odds are it is very close to 14K). So, if you see someone testing your gold which is stamped 14K and telling you it’s 12K, that’s an issue. Maybe they will call it 14K, but pay you at 12.5K because of a “typical” lack of purity. Some stores have ways of pricing that is misleading. Like they quote a high per gram price, but then deduct so many fees that there is nothing left. In addition, they may not have licensed scales. In some cases, they are not properly licensed to buy gold which allows them to cut corners which in turn, costs you money. They can sometimes claim a loss during melt (there is a loss, but it varies depending on what is being melted). You’re probably thinking to yourself, how can I trust anyone? Here at Scottsdale Loan Company, we are determined to make you feel confident that you got the most cash for your gold. With our experience and friendly staff, we hope to make you trust us in the future for all your gold needs.

Why should you come to Scottsdale Loan?

Scottsdale Loan and its affiliated companies has been in business over 20 years buying and selling all types of gold. We believe in gold, and have invested in gold over the years because we understand that gold is true currency. Be wary of marketing companies disguised as gold buyers — with Scottsdale Loan we are a lender with a focus on precious metals.

Conveniently located off of Raintree and Loop 101, Scottsdale Loan serves Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and the Greater Phoenix Area.