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Having a boat is an excellent way to spend some time on the water with friends and family members. Buying your own quality watercraft is also an investment that shouldn’t lose much value over time, if well-maintained.

If you need quick cash though, your boat can help. Boat owners can receive fast title loans to assist with all sorts of expenses, from paying your rent or mortgage, to taking care of medical and credit card bills. For whatever reason you need the money, a boat title loan could be an excellent option.

Bad Credit is OK!

At Scottsdale Loan Company, we know that Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Tempe residents can’t all have amazing credit scores. Whether you hurt your credit when you were young, or keeping up with all your bill payments has been tough, bad credit can happen to anyone.

At Scottsdale Loan Company, we offer bad credit boat title loans. We’re able to do this because you will be using your boat as an asset. As long as you have the appropriate paperwork that shows you own your boat, getting a loan from us is often a much smarter choice than refinancing a boat through a lender, especially if you only need fast cash for a few weeks or months.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most people interested in boat title loans have a few questions about money. One of those is how much the loan will cost when it’s time to repay it.

At Scottsdale Loan Company, we offer some of the lowest rates for boat title loans that you’re going to find anywhere in Arizona. Excellent credit, average credit or bad credit, we can offer you a cash loan on qualifying boats with fair, affordable repayment terms among the most competitive anywhere.

What about My Boat?

When you get a boat title loan, you get to keep your boat so that you can use it. Just like a loan on a home, you get full access and possession since you’re still the rightful owner. Then, when the loan is paid back to us, that is the end of the agreement.

We work with a wide variety of different boats, including ones made by the quality manufacturers listed below.

If you don’t see yours on the list, reach out to us for more information. Scottsdale Loan Company can even offer you a loan on your boat trailer if you have the title.

Pawn Boat?  Boat Title Loan?  What’s the Difference?

There is no difference, realistically!  We use the term boat title loan as that’s what most of us know very well due to Auto Title Loans.  Due to the way that ownership works in the state of Arizona with boats, they don’t technically hold the same kind of title that a car or vehicle would.  All this does is change some specific wording in the actual loan terms to a pawn loan, also known as a collateral loan, instead of a title loan.  A collateral loan is simply where the item that was used to get the loan is held just in case of nonpayment of the pawn loan.  A Boat Title Loan is simply you pawning your boat, and will work the same way with the boat being stored in our secured storage facility throughout the duration of the loan.

Everything else such as interest rates, monthly payment amounts, loan to value, etcetera, all will stay the same.

Scottsdale Loan Company

Everyone is invited to contact Scottsdale Loan Company online or call (480) 948-2274 to learn more about getting a title loan for a boat or trailer. We also offer motorcycle title loans, RV title loans, collectible car loans and loans on other watercraft, including jet skis and more.

Whether you’re looking for fast cash title loans to pay the rent, take care of some medical bills or just have cash in your pocket before you get your next paycheck, Scottsdale Loan Company can help.