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A NEW VISION; Our Website Remade!

Scottsdale Loan Company - The end goal for customers; cash.

Scottsdale Loan Company Logo - the symbol to rely on under the new Website Design

To all returning patrons and new clients, we welcome you to Scottsdale Loan Company! We have recently updated our site for ease of convenience and have plenty in store in the near future. Scottsdale Loan Company, Scottsdale‘s Primer Loaning Business, continues to be an inspiration for our clients here in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Areas.

What IS the Scottsdale Loan Company? 

It is a business in the Pawning Industry that provides you, the clientele, the opportunity to acquire cash for the collateral you would offer us. To further elaborate, we are a loan business in the Pawning Industry, meaning we provide loans of funding for collateral presented to us. The collateral presented for the loan will be assessed on site. An offer will be given based on several key factors, such as condition, brand name, and loan-to-value. While our store is similar in offering loans, the difference is in our business experience. Our company has been in successful business for over 20 years. This gives you confidence that you will receive the optimal loan-to-value for your items. We look forward to seeing your finest of wares as we provide you the extra funding for your endeavors.

What are the limitations of collateral for your business?

Limitations on collateral are handled on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. This will vary from client to client. First, there may be a limit as to how many of the same product we will accept. This is primarily due to space in our store. We have to accommodate for all customers’ collateral that enters our facility. Second, having multiple of the same item from the same customer will weaken the loan-to-value for overall loans. Finally, we have to inventory all items under loan. True, it is still your product, but we need to keep record of products under our care. This is courtesy for both consumer and proprietor.

It’s important to note here what the true goal of our pawn shop is.  As Scottsdale’s premier pawn shop, we’ve dealt with thousands of customers with the goal of helping and serving our community.  While a collateral loan can be unsettling as nobody wants to lose possession of their item, at Scottsdale Loan Company our goal is not to repossess your item.  We exhibit true flexibility in loan terms, loan repayment, and anything else necessary to help our customers get back on their feet.  That’s our goal — to help, to serve, not to hurt and put you in a worse position.

What are the types of loans?

We offer several types of loans to suit our clientele. The following list is an examples:

  • Auto Title Loans: We offer a variety of loans for vehicles in your possession. Be they land, sea or air, we accept these vehicles with clean titles.
  • Luxury Accessories: we accept major brands. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and similar high-end accessory pieces are examples.
  • Precious Metals: The following is a listing of all precious metals accepted.
    • Gold: The standard for all loan businesses. Our company is no exception. We administer loans for all forms of gold.
    • Silver: Second only in order. We accept bullions, coins, and more.
    • Diamonds: ‘a girls’ best friend’; Diamonds are welcomed into our store. Standalone pieces and diamond jewelry offer outstanding loan-to-value.
    • Platinum: Not the most common precious metal, but not neglected either.

Ease of Webpage Access

Our new design is more user-friendly by providing simple to follow tabs. These are also enhanced by our front page’s layout to exactly the page you need. Finally, we like to make it convenient to contact us. We even offer an online application to use for the purpose of assessing loan-to-value at the comfort of your own home. Click here to start our Pawn Application process. You can also click here for the Title Loan Application.

New Site, Same Commitment to Service

In conclusion, even though we have a new look, Scottsdale Loan Company remains the staple of the Pawn Industry here in Scottsdale. Our business sense is matched by our dedication to our customers. Furthermore, we have kept this standard for the past two decades. Join the myriad of customers that have done business with us; Scottsdale Loan Company is here to do business with you.

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