The Best Time to Sell Your Gold

Why Now is The Best Time to Sell Your Gold

A lot of people have been calling and asking, “When is the best time to sell my gold?”. The Answer is NOW. Gold is at an all time high right now, soaring over $100 within the last month. If you have bought gold or have any sort of gold jewelry, gold bars, gold bullion, or gold coins, you may want to look at unloading that gold and cashing in on the profit. At $1,309.60 an ounce, you will not see a better opportunity to cash out on your gold for quite some time. Take a look at the chart below to see the latest trend on gold prices.

Gold Pricing - Scottsdale AZ


Who Should You Sell Your Gold To?

With the price of gold today, you don’t have to be a genius to know everyone is looking to get their hands on some. Which is why you must be cautious when shopping around looking for a reputable company to sell gold to. It can be hard to find a company that is transparent about gold prices, and honest in their work. You don’t want to negotiate and haggle with someone to try and get the most cash possible out of your gold jewelry, bars, or coins. You want the best price already given to you. Which is why when you want to sell gold Scottsdale Loan Company is the place to go.

What Else Can I Do With My Gold?

If you are not looking to sell your gold, Scottsdale Loan Company offers lots of others services to cater towards your financial needs. As one of Scottsdale’s Prominent Gold Buyers, it goes without saying that we also have lots of gold to sell. If you’re looking to stock up on gold, give us a call we may have pieces of interest. Also, if you’re looking to cash in on today’s great gold pricing, but don’t want to say bye to your jewelry forever, consider taking out a loan against gold. You will always be able to pick up your item if you repay it in a timely manner. And as long as you pay the interest, we will hold your gold in our safe for as long as you need it.

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